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I have been in my wardrobe. There’s a lot of tat  in a bin bag waiting upon their fate, wherever that may be.

There’s some things I’m not keen on but need to keep because I have nothing else to wear while I sort myself out.

There’s a few things I think that could be the basis of an outfit or two…

This tweed effect jacket is too small, well I can’t close it but I guess for now it doesn’t need to be closed. My boots are a little dated but will do the trick for now.

A few pics for inspiration…


and also I had a brain wave. My Hunter Wellies!

Instead of wearing my walking boots daily for the school run I could actually stick me wellies on when it rains. Der!

There’s so many images online where people are using their wellies as fashionable accessories so why can’t I? Granted they’re green and not bright red or gloss black but still…. the principle is the same. No?

Right in time for Glastonbury.

So I’m enthused. I’ll take stock from these finds, try to find items that will go with these items… not least the shirt I ordered yesterday!! I feel like it’s all coming into place  a little bit now.

I am going to look for a second-hand rain mac. I need some help on what looks good in the rain mac stakes. My Goretex one should only ever be for walking in the wilderness, not in my little village… watch out yummy mummies, you’re about to be out done by the skint bint!  lol


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