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I have made my first purchase. It is from ASOS.com

I have searched oxfam online, ebay, preloved and gumtree for a shirt/blouse that does not look like it should sit comfortably on Pat Butcher.

I failed, although I did bid on one lovely blouse but was outbid at the end. Heyho.  So I had to look at online retailers. I was determined buy from a retailer with free delivery to keep the costs down.  ASOS have the ‘style saver’ option but it means my item will not arrive till 1st July.

It doesn’t matter because it is a psychological thing. I have purchased, it’s on it’s way to me and I have begun the change.

It was £28 down to £11

I also note they accept NUS student cards with a discount of 10%. I think it’s time I got myself the student card. I didn’t bother with it this year but now feel I should – I would have saved £1.10 if I had it today


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The first project

I have been wondering all evening how I can go about this ‘transformation’. There’s many a thing I have my mind on, some instant, some needing work on and some I just have not fathomed out yet.

I do want to be proactive in this so my first project is based upon this simple idea of  a blouse and dark rinse jeans.

I do really like the vintage style the only problem is it is an ‘expensive’ style in that even charity shops are marketing these kind of things as niche and tot up the price. Ebay will hopefully be my friend here. One thing I don’t want to be is jumping on the bandwagon. I want to develop my own style with pieces gathered from all over the place.

This is going to be such a long process simply because I don’t have the funds to splash but I am sure it will be an enjoyable one.

Oh, and right now I’m happily enthusiastic which is a bonus huh?

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