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and so to weightloss

Well I weighed in this morning and yeah, I’m 12 stone 7lbs. This weight is pretty constant for me as I can never lose anything more than a couple of pounds and then put it back on again. I haven’t always been this heavy. It’s just since having the children.

I feel that to be truly feel happy in myself I have to lose this weight. I have a BMI of 29.88 and in the overweight category, nearly into the obese category. Jeepers.

I start here and now – healthy, nutritious and balanced but I think my down fall is in my portion sizes. I have to do this myself because I don’t have the spare spondoolies to fritter on clubs etc. Maybe an online support group will help.

Today I feel daunted. I have so many ideas that I want to do but don’t have the cash to do it now to make myself feel better and I don’t see how I’m going to do that at all in the next few days.

I guess this is when, in the old life, I would be out armed with my salary to spend on myself to make myself feel better.

I feel strip bare, I have no good clothes to hide behind, I don’t have the new car to get out of… it’s just me, scruffy, fat, miserable me.

At least I’m being proactive.


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