The bin bag of tat has been dropped off to the charity shop.

I did rescue a few items too *big smiley grin.

 straw hat: 50p

woollen pleated skirt: £3

long floaty white skirt:£1.50









I would like to source a vintage looking flower like to add to the hat.


I’m liking  for the skirt. I have a denim jacket so hopefully I can’t go wrong. Temperature is very warm for Sunday.. may be the way to go!


And for the woollen pleated skirt I have  kind of idea in mind.

I feel like I have enough things to work with so I endeavour to post some shots of myself in the clothes. Eeeeek! Hair! lol


I have been in my wardrobe. There’s a lot of tat  in a bin bag waiting upon their fate, wherever that may be.

There’s some things I’m not keen on but need to keep because I have nothing else to wear while I sort myself out.

There’s a few things I think that could be the basis of an outfit or two…

This tweed effect jacket is too small, well I can’t close it but I guess for now it doesn’t need to be closed. My boots are a little dated but will do the trick for now.

A few pics for inspiration…


and also I had a brain wave. My Hunter Wellies!

Instead of wearing my walking boots daily for the school run I could actually stick me wellies on when it rains. Der!

There’s so many images online where people are using their wellies as fashionable accessories so why can’t I? Granted they’re green and not bright red or gloss black but still…. the principle is the same. No?

Right in time for Glastonbury.

So I’m enthused. I’ll take stock from these finds, try to find items that will go with these items… not least the shirt I ordered yesterday!! I feel like it’s all coming into place  a little bit now.

I am going to look for a second-hand rain mac. I need some help on what looks good in the rain mac stakes. My Goretex one should only ever be for walking in the wilderness, not in my little village… watch out yummy mummies, you’re about to be out done by the skint bint!  lol

my identity?

I guess I should be thinking about whether to post pictures of myself on the blog. I suppose it is inevitable. It is a daunting prospect especially as I’m not a very confident person.

I have been browsing sites like Look Book and Chictopia for ideas. I am in absolute awe of the photography and sheer enthusiasm for style and colours. To say I’m addicted to looking at people’s interpretation of fashion is a complete understatement.

I’m 31, so no spring chicken and a fair bit of weight to lose. I don’t think I’m ugly I don’t but can’t bare others to have an opinion of me right now, not even a positive opinion. That is bizarre and shows me just how ridiculous this horrible stage I am in, is.

I haven’t always been like this and have a wardrobe full of stuff I just don’t wear. I live in jeans, walking boots and rain jacket to walk the couple of miles to school. A rut huh? Today I am going to go through my old stuff, throw away and hopefully spark some enthusiasm for the pieces I do have.

Hair? Oh hair is my real problem. Like I said below I cut it fairly short at the beginning of the year. This is what I’m concentrating on now. Styling this mop I have left myself with.

Audrey Hepburn. Wow. I am going to model myself of her styles, from very short pixie (her fringe more  so) as that is kind of how my fringe looks just now but hair tied back

then maybe sleeked right back until it has more length on it. Only when I can get some lenses and get rid of my glasses.

A beautiful lady.

You know looking at these photographs has made me realise that a hairstyle doesn’t make you. you make you and no matter what you look like you will never be happy unless you love yourself. I need to love myself.

I have made my first purchase. It is from ASOS.com

I have searched oxfam online, ebay, preloved and gumtree for a shirt/blouse that does not look like it should sit comfortably on Pat Butcher.

I failed, although I did bid on one lovely blouse but was outbid at the end. Heyho.  So I had to look at online retailers. I was determined buy from a retailer with free delivery to keep the costs down.  ASOS have the ‘style saver’ option but it means my item will not arrive till 1st July.

It doesn’t matter because it is a psychological thing. I have purchased, it’s on it’s way to me and I have begun the change.

It was £28 down to £11

I also note they accept NUS student cards with a discount of 10%. I think it’s time I got myself the student card. I didn’t bother with it this year but now feel I should – I would have saved £1.10 if I had it today

Well I weighed in this morning and yeah, I’m 12 stone 7lbs. This weight is pretty constant for me as I can never lose anything more than a couple of pounds and then put it back on again. I haven’t always been this heavy. It’s just since having the children.

I feel that to be truly feel happy in myself I have to lose this weight. I have a BMI of 29.88 and in the overweight category, nearly into the obese category. Jeepers.

I start here and now – healthy, nutritious and balanced but I think my down fall is in my portion sizes. I have to do this myself because I don’t have the spare spondoolies to fritter on clubs etc. Maybe an online support group will help.

Today I feel daunted. I have so many ideas that I want to do but don’t have the cash to do it now to make myself feel better and I don’t see how I’m going to do that at all in the next few days.

I guess this is when, in the old life, I would be out armed with my salary to spend on myself to make myself feel better.

I feel strip bare, I have no good clothes to hide behind, I don’t have the new car to get out of… it’s just me, scruffy, fat, miserable me.

At least I’m being proactive.

I have been wondering all evening how I can go about this ‘transformation’. There’s many a thing I have my mind on, some instant, some needing work on and some I just have not fathomed out yet.

I do want to be proactive in this so my first project is based upon this simple idea of  a blouse and dark rinse jeans.

I do really like the vintage style the only problem is it is an ‘expensive’ style in that even charity shops are marketing these kind of things as niche and tot up the price. Ebay will hopefully be my friend here. One thing I don’t want to be is jumping on the bandwagon. I want to develop my own style with pieces gathered from all over the place.

This is going to be such a long process simply because I don’t have the funds to splash but I am sure it will be an enjoyable one.

Oh, and right now I’m happily enthusiastic which is a bonus huh?

Born, right now, is my blog.. the diary of a frugaliciously chic mum.

I need to write a blog because I need to write down my feelings in order to help myself. I’m feeling down, very down. The kind of down where you think you really need to get a grip of yourself because it’s not that bad that you can’t sort it before you need further help. I do know the difference between ‘being down’ and depressed.. I’m not depressed, yet.

I’ll write a little background about myself. I gave up work to look after my two little children so money is increasingly tight. Austerity? It feels like it’s gone beyond that. The thing is I’m trapped because I’m in  my second year of a psychology degree, this combined with being a mum makes time for a part time job next to impossible so we have had to cut right back and accept that the money we have is just that, all we have.

I’ve never been a ‘yummy mummy’ and to be honest I don’t aspire to be one but I have lost my way. I feel scruffy and unkempt. In March this year I thought I could cut my own hair and cut a lot of it off. I really dislike my hair short, it was a mistake and I deeply regret it. I wear contacts normally but it’s an extra expense so now and for the past 6 months I wear my glasses daily. I’m stuck in a rut, that’s getting me down and passing on my passive, can’t be bothered nature onto my children.

There is no way out of this other than find bargains and make do and mend what I do have. I think what I must do is make an effort at least for now. I’m 12 stone 7lbs in weight and my already quiet/shy nature is turning me into an unconfident recluse.

I’m ready to get myself out of this, how I’m going to do it remains to be seen but I will get better, thinner and chic’er… with the help of this blog.

The Diary Of A Frugaliciously Chic Mum. Hello and welcome to my blog *mwah.